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Each year at their Annual Membership Banquet the Keystone Retriever Club awards a member/handler with a Handler of the Year Award for accomplishments, success, progress in training and competing their dogs in Hunt Tests and or Field Trials.  We may also recognize a member for making outstanding contributions to the Club, through volunteering their time and making efforts above and beyond the norm with the Byrd Award.

We strongly believe that our youth are the future of the sport and we encourage youth handlers to learn the sports of Hunt Tests and Field Trials.  Consequently we will honor a youth's success by awarding a Junior Handler of the Year if we have a young person that is deserving of such an honor.

congratulate the 2023 Handler of the Year - E
lizabeth Ringelman.  Elizabeth and Peake worked hard to earn 3 MH passes this year and to receive an invitation to participate in the HRC National test.

We congratulate the 2023 Byrd Award Winner - Warren Risk  for volunteerism in working to serve KRC members and keeping the Club moving in a positive direction.

We congratulate the 2022 Byrd Award winner - Fred Perini g days, helping run every training session he attended, and providing helpful advice to handlers.

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