Quick notes-
1.June HT will be on Entry Express pending setup

2. CLUB DUES RENEWAL -Jan 1, 2022 through Jan 31, 2022 is the month to renew your Club dues for the 2022 year.  Go to the Club website under "Club Info" and open either "Single Membership" or "Family Membership" to renew on-line.  If your address or other personal information has changed, or if you prefer to send a check via US Mail, open the "Membership Form" tab, print & complete the form, and mail it to our Treasurer, April Senseney at the address listed on the bottom of the form.

3. KRC Newsletter - our newsletter will be changing hands.  Shari Davis has stepped up to take the reins.  Please share any Awards, Titles, ,etc that young your dog earn or any articles or photos that you feel should be shared with our members with Shari - sharidavis.krc@gmail.com